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Resolve to Learn CPR as a Family Strategic Preparedness Initiative!

  When someone suffers cardiac arrest, it is essential to start CPR within the next two minutes. Damage to the brain begins after three minutes without oxygen. The recent collapse, due to heart failure on the field, of Buffalo Bills starting safety Damar Hamlin, illuminates the need for key adult family members, friends, and on-the-job peers to resolve to learn CPR. Our prayers continue for full recovery of Mr. Hamlin. He was blessed to be surrounded by those equipped with the skills and apparatus that ultimately saved his life, while waiting for the ambulance to arrive. Many of us can recall the loss of a family member,  friend, or co-worker who collapsed due to heart failure, and unfortunately couldn’t be resuscitated after first responders arrived. When minutes count, the pro-active response of those present, who can administer initial CPR, can potentially save a life. There are common reasons why people don’t administer CPR when an emergency is taking place, even if they know how t

7 Steps to build a strong “Family Preparedness Hub”

  1.     1.  JUST START WHERE YOU ARE! Start a conversation about preparedness at your next family gathering.   Find out what “preparedness” means to individual family members.   You may find that many of their answers reflect how optimistic or empowered they feel about the future.   Your young family members will feel greater optimism and composure in an uncertain world when they see Mom, Dad, or other heads of household having pro-active conversations about financial, strategic, and spiritual preparedness. Communicate openly and honestly about state of the world we live in, yet re-assure them of your faith and the value of self-preparedness.   Include young family members in your safety preparedness planning activities. Visit for youth resources.   2 .     2.  ACCOUNTABILITY – In the recent COVID-19 global health crises, there has been a lot of blaming going on. Ultimately, everyone must become accountable for family and community preparedness going forward. Make