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PerennialLIFE™ Proclaims January – February 2023 Legacy Awareness & Preparedness Season

PerennialLIFE™ Proclaims January – February 2023 Inaugural Legacy Awareness & Preparedness Season Legacy Awareness and Preparedness rebuilds "villages", communities, and economies everywhere! That's why we are proclaiming January - February as 2023 as Inaugural "Legacy Awareness & Preparedness Season" Share the Importance and Faith, Family Unity, Legacy, Civic and Community Responsiblity with young family members. Preserve and Backup Important Documents and History, both digitally and traditional methods Subscribe to PerennialLIFE™ Monthly Bulletin for inspiring, empowering, uplifting news you can use all year long to remain preparedness-strong! Happy New Year 2023! #community #unity #economy #perennialLIFE #legacy #preparedness  

Top 10 Blackout/Brown-Out/Lockdown games/activities for kids & family!

  It's Winter 2022-2023! Be prepared to keep children engaged in event of power outages or, heaven forbid, another "lockdown." Having a variety of games is a strategic asset, in order to keep children engaged and calm, during an at-risk event.  These are great items to purchase, use, and pass them on! Your kids will always remember it...and thank you later! - PerennialLIFE™ 1. Classic 6 game collection   2. Jacks   3. Jump rope   (get 2! ) 4. Large Print Word Find Books  - These are great to enjoy with seniors in the house! Ok, you can also find these cheaper at the Dollar Store! Truth!  5. Pocket Microscope - Requires just 1 AA Battery! Send the kids on a hunt for dust mites in the rug. 6. 500 pc Puzzles    7. Table Tennis   8. Twister    9. Weights  – to keep in shape. Here's a video for kids with 5lb weights. 10. (a) Basketball  and/or (b)   Soccerball         or (c)  Toboggan   (for Northerners)  Some of us made due with a piece of ca

In the news...Bomb Cyclone Storm. 10 Car Items You Absolutely Need While Awaiting Rescue

The news of Buffalo, NY resident   Anndel Taylor's untimely death, during the recent Bomb Cyclone storm Elliot, is heartbreaking. She repeatedly called everyone, near & far, for rescue.  As details emerge of this tragedy, and the many other untimely fatalities, a common thread of circumstances emerge: · A shortage of 1st responders · Inability to reach or find everyone in need, in blizzard conditions · The rapid accumulation of snow in a short period of time left many unprepared to protect  themselves ----------------- I recommend that everyone considering getting at least a few, if not all, of the following items if you live in a snow & ice prone climate, or travel during such conditions:  1.  Small Shovel  - to keep snow and ice from blocking the exhaust pipe 2.  Sleeping Bag  - a Coleman 30 degree or less is best  3.  Protein drinks  (during winter ) or  Protein bars  (during warm weather)  4. Water (1 gallon jug. Replenish regularly to keep in trunk) 5. P