Top 10 Blackout/Brown-Out/Lockdown games/activities for kids & family!

 It's Winter 2022-2023! Be prepared to keep children engaged in event of power outages or, heaven forbid, another "lockdown." Having a variety of games is a strategic asset, in order to keep children engaged and calm, during an at-risk event. 

These are great items to purchase, use, and pass them on! Your kids will always remember it...and thank you later! - PerennialLIFE™

1.Classic 6 game collection 


3.Jump rope  (get 2! )

4.Large Print Word Find Books - These are great to enjoy with seniors in the house! Ok, you can also find these cheaper at the Dollar Store! Truth! 

5.Pocket Microscope- Requires just 1 AA Battery! Send the kids on a hunt for dust mites in the rug.

6.500 pc Puzzles  

7.Table Tennis 


9.Weights – to keep in shape. Here's a video for kids with 5lb weights.

10. (a)Basketball and/or (b) Soccerball       or (c) Toboggan (for Northerners)  Some of us made due with a piece of cardboard, but the real deal is nice!

Disclaimer: I make no guarantees as to the recreational value of the above items. - Pam Kelly


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