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Trust the Process...

  Trust the process..    International Space Station Interior  Titan Submersible Interior  In the future men and women will colonize earth’s upper atmosphere , and from there return to the Moon, and many more years from now, travel to Mars. Yes, that’s what awaits our descendants! It’s already been proven with the International Space Station that continuous habitation beyond terrestrial earth is possible. Men and women will eventually inhabit the oceans at various depths. Why? There’s an abundance of accessible resources to sustain human life in the sea…under the right conditions. Whether in space or the ocean, new frontiers of human habitation will only be survivable through constant self-preparedness and willingness to comply with the supremacy of physical laws. Last week, a tragedy occurred that attracted world attention. The Titan Submersible, owned by OceanGate CEO Stockton Rush, was destroyed during its attempted 3 rd d