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April is Family Financial and Strategic Preparedness Month at PerennialNC!

  April is Family Financial and Strategic Preparedness Month at PerennialNC! Best 5 Tips to   become a “Preparedness-Strong” Family: Financially & Strategically in 2023 and beyond!  ·             Teach financial preparedness early to young people.  Our   CashFlow 5-10-10-75™   app tool includes basic wisdom to “never spend 100% of your dollar and practice “faith-based giving”.   ·            Set the example! Everyone can use  5-10-10-75™ ! Use the   CashFlow 5-10-10-75™    App or Excel Budget Spreadsheet.  Remember, kids don’t do what we say, they do what we do!   ·            Create an Online Family Preparedness Hub .(Facebook Groups won’t cut the mustard)   A “Family Hub” is your private online “war room” to unify, empower and, engage in #SHTF communications planning & preparedness.   And inconvenient truth…many of today’s youth are going “adrift” for lack of a “safe family harbor”. They need this! Plan to attend our next PerennialLIFE Pop-Ups this month to learn how to creat

Prevailing Imagery of Jesus

As we enter Easter, which is the celebration of the Resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus, the Christ,  versions of the crucifixion story, both old and new, are broadcast throughout mainstream media.   The prevailing imagery of Jesus is always of European appearance as shown... It is very rare to see "multi-ethnic" representations of Jesus, such as those below.... How much does it matter?  When I gave my life to Christ, in 1984, after my father died suddenly that  June,  I was responding to the  message  of Christ, not his "Eurocentric"  appearance  in the bible. I needed Christ’s message of salvation. My perception of how "Jesus, the man" looked, gained clarity in October of 1984, when my mother and I visited Egypt and the Holy Land.  In the Bible, the Lord instructed Mary and Joseph to "escape into Egypt" (  Matthew 2:13 – 23)   Common sense dictates that you escape to a place where you will "blend in"!  We saw no "blond, blu