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May is Senior/Elderly “Preparedness Buddy” month.

May is Senior/Elderly “Preparedness Buddy” month. Truth be told, many of us have traditionally perceived the Senior/Elderly demographic as being less productive, and less able-bodied after entering “elderly” status.   Yet * recent studies show  that , Seniors overall, are among the most lively , continually productive, and “preparedness-strong” adults among us! Baby Boomers have actually benefited from better health habits in their formative years: Less processed food, more outdoor activity exposure, more 1 on 1 social interaction. These formative years exposures have provided long-term benefits as we proceed into the 55+ category. Society benefits in recognizing the enduring value of our elders: ·           They’re a source of wit, wisdom, and common sense; much needed in today’s society. ·           Our  most elderly seniors  have overcome adversity, and found ways to revive and thrive, even in the aftermath of calamitous world events: World Wars, Vietnam, Domestic Civil Unrest, Pand