"40 Words for Bright Futures" , from A to Endless!

 "40 Words for Bright Futures" Youth S.T.E.M. Literacy from A to Endless!

A command of vocabulary in one’s native language, is a 1st step towards comprehension and mastery in many S.T.E.M. subjects.

It is very empowering for a young person with an interest in a Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math profession to be introduced to a foundational glossary of words typically associated with their STEM or Infrastructure career interest.

February is Annual African American Read-In Month!  As we enter the month #2 of PerennialLIFE™’s Inaugural Legacy Awareness and Preparedness Season,  we have re-introduced our Youth Literacy initiative, called “40 Words for Bright Futures”,  that perfectly complements this monthly preparedness theme.

PerennialNC began “40 Words for Bright Futures” , in 2019 , consisting of mobile apps for iPhone and Android with 40 words in English and Spanish, that represent foundational glossaries for various STEM professions, in addition to the inclusion of short biographies of multicultural trailblazers in each field. 

The objective of “40 Words...” apps are to encounter young people where they are – on their smart phones, while providing vocabulary enrichment and awareness of opportunities in various STEM fields 

The “40 Words for Bright Futures” provides opportunities for cross-generational interaction as we invite both professionals and youth mentees to contribute to the development of the content of each app. 

Youth mentees get to experience the entire process of seeing a mobile app go from idea to design to beta-test and final submission to App Store and Google Play review!

Such exposure is priceless and potentially transformative to the youth participants.

The mobile app industry is growing exponentially, with engagement opportunity for everyone. Every “40 Words for Bright Futures” app creates opportunities for learning, interning and earning.

We currently have two “proof-of-concept” apps on App Store and Google Play as examples of the “40 Words for Bright Futures” app series. We invite you to support this initiative and download the apps!

·         MAC40Words - a “primer” app with 40 Words, in English and Spanish, representing a fundamental glossary in mobile app development  App Store  Google Play    

·         GAE2024  – This is a updated version of an app 1st developed in 2017 to commemorate the Great American Eclipse in August of that year.  The next Great American Eclipse will be April 8, 2024.    App Store   Google Play        

“40 Words for Bright Futures apps have the distinction of being internet independent. Once downloaded the core functions of  the apps work without internet.  This conserves band width usage of a family's Internet plan, especially when multiple youth users are on 1 or 2 parents' plan(s)!

We welcome sponsors such as STEM and Infrastructure Industry Professionals to contribute glossary words, and mentorship.  You KNOW something, pass on the KNOWledge! 

Below is an ever-increasing list of the 100's of STEM and Infrastructure Related Apps on schedule to be produced as part of the “40 Words for Bright Futures Series...

Accounting * Aeronautics *  Amateur Radio * Arborists  * Architecture * Archivists/Historians * Arts *  Appliance Repair * Athletics (Team Sports)  *Auto Mechanics and Parts *  Aviation * Barbering * Beekeeping/Pollination * Biology *  Bicycle Repair * Bookmaking * Botany * Carpentry * Children's Book Illustration and Authorship * Christian Ministry * Cloaking Devices * Clock Repair (Digital/Analog) * Creative Writing * Computer Aided Design * Construction (Middle Income Home Building & Remodeling) *  Computer Programming * Culinary * Defense Technologies * Dentistry (Decay Preventative) * Desalination & Water Purification * Drone/COW Technology * E-Book Publishing * Earth Sciences * Electronics * Electric Grid Infrastructure *  Emergency Management * Engineering * Farming (Low Carbon Footprint) * Film Production *  Fleet Transport (primetime, emergency, rescue) * Fitness * Forestry * Graphic Arts Professionals * Health (Illness Preventative) * Heating and Cooling - HVAC * Heavy Equipment Operation and Repair * Homeopathy * Horticulture * Hydraulic Power * Hydroponics * Insurance (Health, Property, Life, Liability) *  Internet Technologies * Litigation (Corporate, Defendant, Emergency Management, Entertainment, Intellectual Property, Patent) * Logistics * Machining * Martial Arts * Mathematics  * Mobile App Development (Internet & Internet Independent/Off-Grid) * Moped Repair * Musicianship *   Multilingual Education (includes American Sign Language and Morse Code) * Natural Fibers/Materials Weaving & Crafting * Nursing * Off Grid / Retro Technologies * Pest Control (Natural, Eco-Safe) * Physician's Assistant * Physical Therapist *  Plumbing * Pre-K and Elementary Education * Preparedness Products and Services Industries *  Printing * Protective/Defensive Arts * Public Health Information * Quality Control *  Rail Transportation and Upgrade * Rescue and Restoration * Respiratory Therapy  * Robotics *  Savings and Investment Institutions *  Sciences * Senior Safety Preparedness Programs *  Signage * Smartphone/Android Phone Repair * Solar Technologies *  Space Travel * Teaching * Telecommunications * Telecommunications Grid Infrastructure * Terraforming Sciences(Mars era) * Trade Technologies Education * Trucking 

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